Jack Guangzhi zheng

Dr. Jack Zheng

Associate Professor
Department of Information Technology
College of Computing and Software Engineering
Kennesaw State University
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Major interests:

Interactive Data and Information, web/mobile/cross-device technologies and application development, business intelligence and analytics, data visualization, and design science research.

News and Updates

[8/01/2020] BSIT major revision is now completed. A data analytics and technolgoy concentration is going live. The first class IT 3703 Intro to Data Analytics and Technology is offered in fall 2020. [10/10/2019] Got ALG open learning materials grants on IT 4403 Advanced Mobile and Web Applications. [04/30/2019] Got ALG open learning materials grants on IT 3703 Intro to Data Technology and IT 7113 Data Visualization. [01/31/2019] Just got two more ALG open learning materials grants (IT 4213 Mobile Web and IT 6713 Business Intelligence). [11/01/2018] OwlExpress Flex beta is online. It provides a flexible and easier interface to search for KSU class schedules. [10/01/2018] Got an ALG open learning materials grant on IT 3203/4203 web development. [07/01/2018] Moved most of my open resources to EDOCR from SlideShare. SlideShare is outdated! [04/15/2018] The Data Management and Analytics Graduate Certificate 2.0 is available.

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