Technical Features of This Site

Here list some technical features of the site for those who are interested in some live examples. These include programming features, design features, information organization features, usability features, etc. Hope they can be some kind of live learning examples. Related web resources are also listed.

ASP.Net features

AJAX and JQuery

UI Framework

Live Tiles by Metro JS

Web APIs


This site integrates my content hosted on these external sites:

  • RSS/Atom
    • my blog on Blogger.
    • my blog on WordPress.
    • Twitter: my updates on the homepage.
    • links.
  • YouTube: some video playlist for teaching and fun.
  • Picasaweb: Funny IT Pictures and other pictures.


This site uses XML for a number of data sources. One of these is an custom XML based file to manage the site structure (not the ASP.Net site map file). The menu on the left is dynamically constructed based on the XML file and the page a user is visiting.

An improved version of this XML protocol is under development.

XSLT files are used to transform XML sources, include sitemap XML files and RSS feeds. The following XSLT files are for the sitemap XML at different places.