Homepage of the site.


    All about my teaching: courses, beliefs, history, and student comments.

    1. Courses: Current and recent courses teaching.
    2. Teaching Belief: My teaching belief.
    3. Teaching History: Courses taught in the past with materials and my own comments.
    4. Student Comments: Selected student comments on my teaching.


    Service to the department, university, and community

    1. Student Advising: Student advising
    3. CTE: Center for Teaching Excellence


    Research interests, projects, publications, etc.

    1. Research Interests: My research interests in details.
    2. Projects: My recent scholarship projects and publications.
    3. Resource: My literature research resources.
    4. ZD Perceptual Map: Multi-dimensional Perceptual (Positioning) Map for decision making.
    5. Sitemap Explorer: A research project about a new web navigation model and tool.

    Cubicle H

    Non-research, IT related contribution (thoughts, articles, tutorials, programs, reviews, recommendations, etc.)

    1. Blog: My blog on IT thoughts, ideas and comments.
    2. Hype Cycle: A collection of Gartner Hype Cycle charts.
    3. Web Engineering: My article and resources on web engineering.
    4. Info. Architecture: Information Architecture resources.
    5. Free Software: A list of useful and free software.

    Fun Stuff

    Interesting and wonderful things in the IT world.

    1. Fun Stuff in IT: IT has a lot of fun after all.
    2. Academic Fun: Some fun stuff related to the academic life.
    3. Funny Pictures: Hilarious Pictures Related to IT.
    4. More Fun: Other fun stuff.


    About this site and myself, resume, etc.

    1. About Jack: Some information about Jack.
    2. Site Profile: Some information about this site.
    3. Site Map: A complete site map of this website.
    4. Site Features: Some technical features of this website.
    5. Site Log: Some log and stat data for this site.