About this website

Well, this is my personal website related to my academia and professional life.


Domain jackzheng.net
Hosting Arvixe
Platform ASP.Net 4.0
Design Modified version based on the open source template "anderas01" from OSWD, designed by Andreas Viklund.
Compatibility Tested in Windows IE 9.0, Chrome, and Firefox 3.0


Date Content/Design Change Technical Change
December 2000 That was the first version: http://userwww.sfsu.edu/~zheng/ Built with static HTML. It was hosted on San Francisco State University's Unix server.
August 2003  The homepage was redesigned to use randomly positioned icons (using JavaScript) as the main menu. The site was moved to "http://cis.gsu.edu/~gzheng" as I went to Georgia State University. It was hosted on a Unix server in the CIS department.
May 2006 The site adopted a design based on the open source template "anderas01" from OSWD, designed by Andreas Viklund.  
July 2006 Started to blog. I named my blog "cubicle h" as it was my working space in RCB, GSU.  
Nov 2006 Changed to only present my academic and professional work related to IS/IT; personal contents like photos and interests were separated to other sites. The site was moved to the ASP.Net 2.0 environment on a Windows server from godaddy.com, with a new domain "jackzheng.net".
April 2007  "Cubicle H" section was added to present personal contributions and included the blog; "Fun Stuff" section was added to present interesting things in IT; a "search" function powered by Google was added. The site was moved to the CIS department virtual server and a domain "gzheng.cis.gsu.edu" was added.
Feb 2008   The site map was changed to be based on XML. The main menu and site guide all utilize XML/XSLT/CSS.
Jan 2009 Added search function. Using the Live Search API and Google Ajax Search API. Begin to use JQuery.
May 2009 The blog is moved to blogspot.com and WordPress for better service. The blog content is integrated through RSS/Atom feeds.
October 2009   Upgraded Live Search to Bing Search.
June 2010 Using Twitter for recent updates and Delicious for recently added bookmarks. Added Twitter and Delicious feeds on the homepage.
Sept 2010 Added a number of widgets for the past year: Google Voice, Google Reader, LinkedIn Profile, Picasa Web, etc. Moved to webhost4life (upgraded to ASP.Net 3.5) as I left GSU.
May 2011   Moved to Arvixe (upgraded to ASP.Net 4.0).
Sept 2011 Changed to the "SPSU" style - green and hexagon. Changed from Delicious to Diigo.
Dec 2011   Began to add social buttons (+1 etc.)
Mar 2012 Added the "Service" section.  
Sept 2012   Begin to apply touch friendly UI (e.g. Metro style).