The Fun Side of IT



Case modding

battlefield 2142 R2D2 Kanna Batman Begins

What do these have in common? Well, they are all computers! Computers are not just black or white boxes on/under your desk. They can be as artistic as you can imagine. Check out these great computer case mods:

Google logo (doodle)

Google is the pioneer to design its logo for different occasions and it is pretty unique for websites. Take a look at its official collection of Google holiday logos; and you can also enjoy some fan made fake Google logos.

Funny pictures


Who is he? Dilbert is a technology geek in a popular comic strip (by Scott Adams) who demonstrates an incredible sarcastic humor in his office. Very funny ... read more about Dilbert on Wikipedia and the official Dilbert website.

Easter egg

An Easter Egg (from an IT perspective) is a hidden non-harm feature in software, systems or website. Check out this one on Amazon's site: go to the Directory of All Stores page, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and hover your cursor a bit below "1996"; you will find a hidden link to a page for David Risher. Find out more eggs at The Easter Egg Archive.

Chip fun Dilbert

Even the chip engineers have fun in the micro-world. These designs are the microscopic artworks built into the integrated circuit. Indeed, the fun is everywhere in the IT world.