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IT 4713 Business Intelligence Systems

Last time offered: spring 2014 - Next time offered: fall 2016


This course introduces the concepts, practices, technologies and systems of business intelligence, which supports enterprise level data management, analytical processing, and reporting.

Business intelligence systems have been widely adopted and implemented in today’s enterprise environments due to growing amount of data and increasing need for data analytical processing. The current IT curriculum focuses more on traditional transactional database administration but misses some parts of data management, analysis, reporting, and decision making. This course is aimed to strengthen the IT curriculum and respond to a growing job market need for BI specialist. One of the mega enterprise BI systems will be used(currently Microsoft SQL Server). The course is design as a senior level elective course.

Open Access of Learing Materials

The following ZIP file contains all modules (study guides, lecture notes, tutorials, labs, samples) developed and used in fall 2015. The materials were made available to the public as part of the Affordable Learning Georgia project.

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