Teaching History and Highlights

Courses Developed


Significant Projects

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  • BravePoint
  • CSE registration data


Southern Polytechnic State University

@Georgia State University

  • CIS 8040/3730 Designing and Managing Data
    • Fall 2010: added intensive in-class guided exercises which got good feedbacks; used the online discussion boards intensively for class communication, which generated close to 500 discussion messages for the semster; enjoyed another good evaluation (4.8/5.0); used SQL Server 2008 R2 Express.
    • Summer 2010: this is my first online class; used Elluminate Live; upgraded to Visio 2010.
    • Fall 2008/Spring 2010: designed a multi-part database design project which runs throughout the semester; designed student research project and had nice student presentations.
  • CIS 8020 Systems Integration
  • CIS3270 Web Application Development with Java
    • Designed a whole new course website based on JSP/Servlet, as a live website example; applied a domain for it (cis3270.jackzheng.net) and left all course materials online.
    • Developed mini-projects, which are logically connected as parts of a bigger project, and redesigned the term project to be more student interest driven; saw great development work by students.
  • CIS2010 Introduction to Computer Information Systems
    • Fall 2009/Spring 2010: Introduced a set of Google services (Google Docs, Blogger.com, Google Visualization, etc.) and other Web 2.0 applications for assignments and projects; set up the "Learning from News" blog site; started a video collection for teaching and shared them via YouTube.com.
    • Summer 2008: This is a night class in summer. To stimulate interest and energy, I designed a student research and presentation project, with presentations and discussions mixed with lectures. The class got very good feedback from students (4.8/5.0). This is the class that both students and I enjoyed most.