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Expertise and Interests

Generally, I am interested in information technologies and systems for human-centered information processing (at individual, group, and organizational levels). More specifically, I have the following related interests:

Jack Zheng: research interest

  1. Information design: preparing information so people can use it with efficiency and effectiveness.
    • Information architecture and information seeking: information architecture studies how information/content are organized in a way to best serve human's information need. It at least includes information organization and user interaction/interface design.
    • Business information visualization: focused on visualizations of quantitative data, information, and knowledge that facilitates human understanding in various information processing tasks.
    • Information behavior: understanding human's information processing behavior is the foundation for designing good information seeking systems, visual exploration systems, and business intelligence system.
  2. Web information systems and development: various types of web-based information systems and applications for organizations, businesses and communities.
    • Web usability: usability (ease of use) issues in various web applications.
    • Web analytics: techniques and systems to analyze website log and porformance.
    • Web technologies: particularly the structure and architecture of web based information systems/sites; including various web development platforms, application frameworks, web 2.0 technologies, etc.
    • Web (site) engineering: methodologies, techniques and technologies for web site planning, development, management and evolvement.
  3. Enterprise systems
    • Content/knowledge management system: systems that facilitate the recording, sharing and use of various forms of human knowledge, which can be seen as an expansion of business intelligence.
    • Business intelligence
      • Visual analytics: the visual exploration process is an interactive exploration process between humans and computer created visualizations. The process is based on visualizations but also emphasizes on the human's capability of sense-making in information seeking and decision making.
      • Digital dashboard: designing meaningful yet easy to understand visual summary to support quick sense making and perception at one place.
      • Performance management: design and track key metrics for decision support and management, which can be applied to different areas, like IT management, healthcare, web application management (web analytics), etc.
  4. Design science research in information system and technology (DESRIST): design is creation of the new (system, algorithm, application, methodology, technique, etc.); design research in information systems is to generate new knowledge (design knowledge) through the process of designing information systems (IT artifacts) to address human or organization problems. It is an important research phase in the information systems research cycle (as opposed to the explanation research and descriptive research).