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Selected Student Comments

I like to see students' confidence and satisfaction after learning (especially through their own effort). I learnt a lot from my students as well. I feel really satisfied when they understand the value of my work and appreciate it. No doubt there are ups and downs (sometimes emotional) in teaching, but when I read some positive feedbacks, I feel that is worth it. I selected some of these comments here to encourage myself to do better. You can also learn something about my teaching style from these words, :-) so you can better prepare for my classes!

On teaching style and credibility

  • "I really enjoy your attitude towards allowing students to discover on their own and giving them the freedom to make them better developers."
  • "He also gives his students the opportunity to pick on their own topics for projects which I liked. When we are ahead of our projects during the progress check, professor Zheng always had something new for us so that is why I never stop learning in his classes. He doesn't just go over lectures in his class but he shows examples real time to allow the students to participate and learn quickly."
  • "He is a good prof. If you don't want to learn, then you wont like him, because his teaching style is to invite you to explore. but I liked his class." ... "His responses are carefully crafted to point you in the right direction, but not give away any answers." ... "Helped students initiate, self motivate and learn at the same time."
  • "He invites each student to participate, even if they aren't sure what to do, simply for the fact that one learns better when actively participating as opposed to viewing."
  • "The way Dr. Zheng is able to explain a technical subject and show how it is applied in the business world was key to my learning."
  • "You can tell he cares a lot about CIS. He's always very excited." ... "He is very enthusiastic about his teaching and you can tell that he really loves what he does and wants us to learn as well. He has good visuals and is funny at times."
  • "He was mild tempered and would always answer questions. He also had a quarky humor which helped break up the atmosphere of a standard computer class."
  • "He is a nice guy (as a person) and strong instructor. Jack Zheng sure know the subject very well; ... He is also VERY helpful outside of the class. The way of his material presentation in NOT in any way boring. HE IS A GOOD INSTRUCTOR. One of those.... you guys...need to keep!!!"
  • "He often stays after class to answer questions, and he’s even happy to talk to students on the public transportation rail system after class (I'm not embarrassed to say I took advantage of this several times)."

On learning experience

  • "I consider myself highly computer literate, and this course only furthered my knowledge of how computers are used in this world."
  • "I am finding the principles we are learning in this class to be extremely applicable in "real-life" scenarios, even while coding in languages other than Java. For that, I am both grateful and even more excited to continue my studies at SPSU."
  • "I just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know how much I enjoyed both the Java and Web Development online courses this semester. You really do make this material very interesting and I am pleasantly surprised how much I have learned in the past few weeks."
  • "Jack explains the subject matter in a manner that is easy to understand and relates it to the big picture, often tying his in lectures to business applications and current trends. I learn best through hands-on activities, and his style of "teaching by doing" facilitated both my learning and curiosity towards unfamiliar areas of CIS."
  • "I enjoyed learning from him and could confront him with any issues or questions with ease. He seemed to enjoy teaching and sharing his knowledge with the class. Prof. Zheng was a strong point of course, himself."

On personal motivation

  • "I was a little hesitant to try and go back to school and pursue a Masters after all these years of being out of school but this really has been a great experience. I look forward to completing this class then jumping into Web Development with you next semester. Again, thank you for a very pleasant academic environment and have a good weekend!"
  • "As a Systems Administrator, I find uses for my new found knowledge almost daily at work. A couple of my colleagues at work have expressed interest to me in the online program at SPSU after seeing what a great experience it has been for me. I sincerely hope to have the opportunity to take additional courses with you in the near future."
  • Dr. Zheng, I am very grateful for your support and counsel, your appreciation and guidance has been very helpful for me to grow my knowledge. I value your critical evaluation and feedback which enabled
    me to expand my thinking, and find the appropriate solutions through research and exploration.
  • "You are a shining example of what it truly means to be a professor. Your expectations of us as students was fair and given our successes, you offered more challenging side-material for those who wished to push the limits a bit more. Thank you and I hope to hear more about your future successes."
  • "This is the very first class I've taken at Georgia State. I can only hope that the other instructors at this university are as cool as Mr. Zheng. It was definitely a positive start to my education here."
  • "The instructor was excellent. There was never a dull moment. The late night class was a joy after work hard all day at work -- you kept it interesting and exciting. You should considering conducting seminars for CIS 2010 in different workshops or private tutoring. You will make a great professor. Keep your sense of humor. Thank you for introducing access database and explaining the boarder spectrum of the computer world."
  • "Introduce a second JAVA class. Let Jack teach it!!! " ... "Made the course very interesting and fun ... Made it fun to be in school in May!!!" ... "I would like for an advanced database class to be offered, especially if Jack would be teaching it."
  • "This course helped me determine my focus for my career. I am excited to learn more about database management."
  • "I've had two great classes with you! One of the best teachers I've come to know in my college days! Wish you the best at your new job!!!!!."
  • "I just wanted you to know that I really enjoyed your class. The material was challenging, but you really helped me understand most of it. Your class also helped me decide to pursue an additional CIS degree."

On course materials and organization

  • "He was always very well prepared, and he always tried to relate current events in the news to whatever his lecture was for the day." ...  "Many examples that were given which related to real life scenarios. Great course for any student , especially the narrow minded computer users like myself."
  • "The various analysis presentations. This gave students an idea of what's going on in the IT world and how fast technology is growing."
  • "Fun class. The group presentation/discussion format was very enjoyable and a great way to learn the info."
  • "Dr. Zheng mixed in blogging, classroom participation, challenging homework assignments, guest presenters, and group discussion in with his lectures in what I felt was a perfect formula." ... "Dr. Zheng introduced group creation and the formation of group blogs as part of the course. The idea was extremely innovative and yielded some of the best class participation and new idea generation of any class I've ever seen. The course implemented very practical assignments and presentations."
  • "The assignments were a great hands on way to learn the material and I really appreciate all of the class notes being online."
  • "He is very organized." ... "He made sure he went according to the schedule and stuck to it. Students were not unclear about his expectations for the course."
  • "Takes a varied approach, keeps class interesting, always has unique ideas, very knowledgeable and presents quite well."
  • "... he has a systemized plan to address concerns as well as a
  • "Zheng is a great teacher. He tries keeping the class interesting by relating course material to current trends and changes in the computer industry. Tests were open book, but if you don't keep up with your code, you will not finish the test on time."


Q. Where are these comments from?

A. Most of them are from the official student evaluation records. Some of them are from personal emails and public comments.

Q2.Where are the negative comments?

A. Too many there ... space limited ... or you can visit following web sites: