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IT 6713 Business Intelligence

Last time offered: fall 2014 - Next time offered: fall 2015

This course introduces the concepts, practices, technologies and systems of business intelligence, which supports enterprise level data management, analysis, reporting, and decision making.

Business intelligence systems have been widely adopted and implemented in today’s enterprise environments due to growing amount of data and increasing need for data analytical processing. The IT4153/6733 course focuses more on traditional transactional database administration but misses some parts of data modeling, analysis, visualization, and reporting. This course is aimed to complement that by focusing analytical processing technologies and applications.

IT 4713 focus more on data integration and report development, while IT 6713 focus more on data analysis and visualization (dashboard). Also the class project is optional in IT 4713 but required in IT 6713.


Topics and sample course materials

  • Dimensional data modeling
  • Data warehousing
  • Data integration
  • OLAP server, client, and multidimensional analysis
  • Business Data Visualization and dashboard design
  • Performance management
  • SQL Server, Excel, Power BI

Past course highlights

  • Real-world client project: Lexis Nexis Insurance Data OLAP
  • Real-world client project: BravePoint performance dashboard using QlikView
  • SPSU CSE class schedule and registration data modeling, analysis, and reporting
  • Dashboard assignment

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